Plenary session on education was organized by students from schools participating in the program


More than150 students - Presidents of school parliaments from schools  participating in the Center "Amalipe" Program "Every student will be a winner" organized a plenary sessions on education issues.  In front of them stood the deputy chairman of the Committee on Education and Science at the National Assembly Galina Zacharieva, the Deputy Minister of Education Dian Stamatov and Dr. Joseph Nunev, state expert in the Ministry of Education. They came to Sliven to take part in the School of Tolerance, organized by the Center "Amalipe" from 4 to 7 of April. The forum was attended by Kaloyan Damyanov - Advisor to the Minister Kuneva, the deputy regional governors of Sliven, and the chief of the RIE - Sliven Bisserka Mihaleva.

Can students participate in the development of curricula, in school management and in the selection of textbooks were some of the questions asked by the students. Can students evaluate their teachers and make attestations to ensure that the education they receive is of good quality?, asked Zivko of Shumen. Deputy Minister answered the questions, pointing out that the new school legislation gives possibility of real participation of students in the organization of educational process. According to him, adults should make every effort students to be happy both at home and at school.

There should be more Internet technologies in teaching lessons and students to use free internet platforms with lessons and textbooks offered Ruska from Karadzhovo. She is the first girl from the group of tinsmiths in this village that studies in high school in Plovdiv.  Ruska was supported by dozens of girls and boys who showed that for them the Internet is a daily routine.

Elena from General Toshevo and Ilko from Popitsa shared that the lack of free transport  has been a serious difficulty for many of the poorest families in the villages. Mrs. Zaharieva and Deputy minister Stamatov agreed that the state should commit to this problem.

For students was particularly important the issue for the conduct of state exams and whether they will be divided into modules. Stamatov stressed that changes in the organization of conducting the exams were in stage of preparation in order to reduce cheating, but that will not be implemented this year.

According to the new legislation, students will be able to organize self-government in their school by introducing community councils. They were also explained what is the procedure of elections within school parliaments. Ivaylo from Smiadovo said that "in Amalipe schools" the procedure has been used for a long time, the chairmen of the parliaments are elected democratically by students. Stefan from Elena added that they have chosen a student ombudsman, as well who protects all students punished by the Staff Council. "Sometimes I feel worse than penalties, but I am sure that in every person there is something good," said Stefan.

Deputy minister Stamatov explained that students could have a platform for digital lessons that will accompany textbooks. He highlighted the role of teachers that are completely free to choose the means of teaching, and that under the new programs, teachers will have more time to consolidate the material and exercises.

Students up to grade 4 will not have current estimates, but there will be an external evaluation at the end of the stage. After 10 grade will be provided evaluation of the knowledge of the general education stage under the new educational structure, said Stamatov.

Deputy Minister invited the students to visit the ministry where to meet the Minister to discuss all current issues. An invitation was addressed by Mrs. Zaharieva, as well.



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